Nightcrawler by Mike Mahle 

Psylocke by Amilcar Pina


Bill Sienkiewicz 1984: The New Mutants #21
Color: Glynis Wein

Claremont and Sienkiewicz bring Warlock to earth against the backdrop of a student slumber party in this double-sized issue.

X-Men First to Last by Paco Medina and Marte Garcia.

Daken and Lady Mastermind by ryoh15

"Brotherhood Wasteland" by Daneil Scott Gabriel Murray

Nightcrawler by Lucas Ackerman.

X-Men Legacy by David Finch.


X-Men #110 cover by Dave Cockrum, Terry Austin and Irv Watanabe. April 1978.


Boom Boom by Mahmud Asrar

Cyclops by Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray.

Wolverine by Mia Cabrera. 

Deadpool vs. Taskmaster by Sanford Greene.