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Shadowcat by Marcio Takara. 

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Uncanny X-Men #183 by John Romita Jr. 

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Emma Frost, by Aleksi Briclot.

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The Cable Evening Post

Lines by Drew Moss

Colors by Mike Spicer

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X-Force #108 by Salvador Larroca. 

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X-Men Gold Team by Bob Larkin. 

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YOU’RE BUB(BLICIOUS)!  Birthday card for the toughest Logan I know (in real-life).  

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Cable heads on into the spotlight in this strip of mine originally published inside the pages of Marvel Age Magazine 116, September 1992!

(via themarvelageofcomics)

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Cyclops variant by John Tyler Christopher.

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"Brotherhood of Not So Evil Mutants" by Robert Solanovic

(Source: bobsolo.deviantart.com)

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Hey that generation x piece you posted has art stolen from my deviantart, kadenfukuyama, in it.

I’m glad to add your credit to it. Wherever I originally saw it had no artist on it. Unfortunately I have no idea where I originally found it. I’ve got art qued up for over a year, so I’m usually unsure of the specific site I saw it originally posted on.. I’ll do my best to see if I can find where I stumbled across it and send it your way.

Which part of the image is stolen from your work? 

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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are more popular than Coca-Cola and Oreo on social media

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by kadenfukuyama