Cloak and Dagger by Yildiray Cinar. 

Phoenix by Amilcar Pinna

Mister Sinister by Marc Silvestri. 

Anole by Leigh Wortley.

Warren Worthington III by Woon Bing.

Wolverine by Michael Lapinski

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Xavier's greatest sin is his repressed dark half blowing up a bunch of planets each with billions of inhabitants in X-Men and the Micronauts story and what he does to Danielle Moonstar is unthinkable! It should he retcon out of existence!!!!

Yeah, he’s a jerk. 

In three words, how would you describe Kid Omega (Quinten Quire)?

Not a hero. 

Banshee by Stefan Tosheff.

X-Men Fleer Ultra Trading cards. Click on the picture to see who drew what. 


Professor x hodor by Marco d’Alfonso [website | deviantart]

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I wonder what secrets she could mean?

From X-Men and Alpha Flight #1

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Oh my god is that guy on the right dead or