Any advice for a black man with a Latino last name trying to make it out here as a writer? I've been considering changing my last name so publications think I'm white and at least interview me or read my pieces, but I'm hoping there's a less drastic option out there.


I’ve been thinking about your question all day… it really upset me.

 it upsets me that you even have to think that changing your name is the solution. I understand where that line of thought comes from but I don’t think it is the solution. I truly think you need to be who you are. I think the world needs every writer and artist to be who they are.

 I know there’s racism and sexism in this world, good Lord I know,  but I also know that I have never worked for a company that gave a crap about race or sex. all they care about is if they can sell what you’re making.

 I do believe there is subconscious and subtextual race and sex issues at work in the world but I think the only way to fight those issues is to not make them your issues. just push past them by being excellent at your craft. by being undeniable.

 please take myself for example. it took me a long time to “break-in” years and years. and every day that I was starving to death on Ramen noodles and every day that I saw no light at the end of the tunnel I made it an excuse to get better at my craft.

 It wasn’t because I am Jewish or I’m short that I wasn’t breaking in…  it was because it’s very hard to do. if it wasn’t hard everybody would be able to.  I said to myself: I must get better at my craft.

 because every one of my heroes had told me that if I worked on my craft that no matter what happened in my career I would, on the most important level, be happy.

 and when I did run into anti-Semitism, and I did, it fed me. it absolutely did not stop me. it completely psyched me up to push through.

 there are so many published and successful writers of every walk of life… there is someone out there for you to aspire to be. someone who proves that craft and ambition trump racism and sexism.

the only way to break down all of this is to show up as yourself and craft your stories truthfully and honestly.


All New X-Men #25

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Wolverine & The X-Men by George Kambadais.

Quinten Quire, Broo, and Rockslide by Phillip Sevy



[ Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Fox’s unreleased Deadpool movie test footage ]

Youtube clips get taken down, but gifs are forever.

Uncanny X-Men #168 and tributes

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Gambit by Tom Hodges. 

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Movie Test Footage Is Heartbreakingly Perfect

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Animated GIF: Reverse(?) Fastball Special, featuring Wolverine and Kamala Khan! SKADOOSH!!

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Psylocke by João Bosco. 


X-Men Adventures Season 1 #15

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